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Electron microscopes, jsm, sem, tem 7001F, T330, 100CX, JXA 840

The JSM-7001F, Thermal Field Emission SEM, is the perfect tool for demanding analytical applications. The JSM-7001F has a large, 5-axis, automated specimen stage, a one-action specimen exchange airlock, small probe diameter even at large probe current and low voltage, and expandability with ideal geometry for EDS, WDS, EBSP, and CL. The specimen chamber handles specimens up to 200mm in diameter. 

It is up to date with an upgrade to Windows® 10 operating system. The package also includes a LNT (liquid nitrgogen trap), RBEI (retractable backscattered detector) and CWC (Chiller). Installation and startup is possible within EU.

Following electron microscopes are available for rent or purchase:

  • JSM 7001F
  • JSM T330
  • JXA 840
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